Economic servo press A-SPS 120 with hydraulic drive


Press A-SPS 120

Universal use for all kinds of forming

Here you will find our press A-SPS with hydraulic drive. This press is the latest innovation of WANZKE, and worldwide the very first solution of multiple use without compromise. 'The leader in the following production processes: punching, bending, coining, deep-drawing, wall ironing, straightening, calibrating, Inject, precision cutting, cold- and hot-forming, solid forming, extrusion and asembling. Actual press for universal use with Decoiler Ideal tooling times, small noise level (< 80 dBA), up to 1000 strokes/min. The slide stroke is regulated true to dimension. The slide guiding is made of 8 pre-tensioned roller guides. The downward movement of the slide is featured with an overload and tilting control. This is the warranty for a high working reliability. For a complete solution for individual customer needs we are offering a comprehensive automation line. This includes roller feed units, straightening


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