Roll feeder,straightening unit for wires, tubes and profiles

Roll feeder,straightening unit for wires, tubes and contured profiles

A-WVS roll feeder series
have been developed to achieve high precision in feeding special kind of tubes, wires and profiles. This granted by large dimension of feeding rolls, which are pivoted in bearings without clearance. Drive force is supplied from AC-Motor, which provides the drive for upper and lower feeding rolls through pre tensioned gears mechanism
All gears are hardened and surface grinded.
The upper feeding roll can be lifted with support of pneumatic or hydraulic drive. This attachment can be used for to intermediate lifting as well.
The feeding length are freely adjustable. Different stepping modes can be choosen.
The roll feeder sytem is because of high feeding power and solid design prefered to be equipped with roll straighteners. Band cleaning and lubricate units can be added as well.
Wanzke first develeoped this roll feeder system AC-motors driven.
This roll feeder are used on new presses or as optimization of normal presses in use to increase the productivity.
Further applications: Cut to length lines , sheet production for transformer


Roll feeder and straightening above control unit


processing material

0.1 to 20 mm

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